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Thank you for your interest in the Privacy Policy of the Details Event Planning Website. While visiting our website and contacting us, we want you to feel safe and to face the guarantee of your data’s protection as your right and our obligation in order to be able to provide you with our quality services.

This Privacy Policy will tell you how your data will be handled by Mayu&Rups, ltd., The owner of the website and brand Details Event Planning. Personal data is information that belong specifically and solely to you. In Portugal the legal basis for your data’s protection is the Regulamento Geral de Proteção de Dados (RGPD).

1. General Introduction to our Privacy Policy

The data treatment by Mayu&Rups, ltd. occurs essentially through your access to our site. In that moment, information is exchanged between your device and our server. In this process there may be and exchange of personal data. That personal data will only be used in order to optimize our website and for us to reply to your contact.

Our Commitment with your Personal Data.

As the entity responsible for the treatment of your personal data Mayu&Rups, ltd. promises to ensure the confidentiality of its users’ personal data and to inform its clients of other entities that may have access to their data. Mayu&Rups, ltd. promises to only collect the strictly necessary data in order to correctly provide its services; to not use your personal data for other ends other than those you have agreed upon; to guard your data during only the necessary period of time; to not transfer any of its clients’ personal data to third parties and to ensure its security.

Your Rights over your Personal Data

Besides the right to revoke the consent you might have given us, if the corresponding legal conditions apply, you also possess the following rights: A right of access to your personal data by us stored; a right to the elimination of treatment of your personal data; the right of opposition.

2. Contact Form (E-mail, Phone Number)

The personal data you provide us with when you fill out our contact form, call us or e-mail us will be handled as confidential.

Purpose of Data Collection and Handling:

We will use your data exclusively to reply to you and to guarantee a good follow-up system. Our interest in your data is solely for the purpose of replying to your requests and doubts or to solve any problem arising from our services and website. In this manner we hope to maintain and promote your satisfaction towards us and our website.

Data Recipients:

Mayu&Rups, ltd. has no wish to transmit data to third parties. This will only happen upon e-mail exchange, your submission of the contact form or by using any other contact information as this data will remain recorded on third-party servers.

Storage Life:

The data you provide us (suggestions, praise, criticism or doubts) through the website, by e-mail or telephone will be deleted or anonymised no later than 2 years after the final response is sent.

3. Your Rights

In addition to the right to revoke the consent you have given us, if the corresponding legal conditions are met, you are also granted the following rights: access to, rectification and elimination of data; limitation of treatment of your own data; portability of data (we can provide you with a document with all the data we have from you in our database) and opposition. If you need any rectification, clarification or wish to get in touch, just send an e-mail or registered letter to the contact details indicated in number 4.

4. Contacts of the Company Responsible for the Treatment and Protection of Data

The present Privacy Policy and Data Protection Terms and Conditions apply to the processing of data carried out by:

Company: Mayu&Rups, Ltd.

Address: Rua da Indústria, 48 - Sobreiro, Mafra - Portugal

E-mail: assistance@detailseventplanning.com

For any matter related to your privacy, data protection or exercise of law, please contact us using the abovementioned data. All data and information you provide us with will be stored on a company server hosted on the PTISP which belongs to Almouroltec and is located at its Prior Velho facilities.

The connection to the server is secure, with HTTPS encryption service, firewall protection, anti-virus and various security measures including daily system backups and databases.

5. Supervision and Contact of the Data Protection Authority

National Commission for Data Protection

6. Terms and Changes to Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective as of 12/26/2018. Mayu&Rups, ltd. reserves itself the right to modify or simply update, in whole or in part, its content, in order to comply with the applicable legislation in force at any time. Mayu&Rups, ltd. will inform you of these changes as soon as they are entered and will be binding as soon as they are posted on the website detailseventplanning.pt, so you should periodically check it for the most current version of this Privacy Policy at any given time and, specifically, the treatment of your personal data by Mayu&Rups, ltd..